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Have you ever asked the question, “How do I fit into God’s big picture of world mission?” Are you waiting for “the call”, unsure of how you could be useful, while waiting for that burning bush to appear?

Do you struggle to fit yourself into a vision of mission because you don’t know what you could do—even though you’re convinced you should do something? Have you been starving for more direction, a way to respond to His love, to bring Him glory? Are you wondering why you’re still sitting in front of a computer screen, and not running in freedom, challenging your heart to live a life of obedience as a burning one for Jesus?

Well, you’re officially normal, so keep reading: World Outreach International believes the Great Commission is for all generations and having asked all those questions ourselves at some stage in our lives, we are dedicated to providing different pathways to help you begin your journey of obedience. We’re able to support and equip you in glorifying Jesus with your life, utilising your skills and your passion in reaching the many who have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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