Information on serving with WOI


If you are interested in serving with World Outreach International, it is necessary that you read all the sections on the ABOUT page of this website; as well as some sections of the Common Ground 2016 document listed below. It’s important to know some of our policies, processes and beliefs to ensure that you are comfortable working within them.

Section B: Clause 11.3 Categories of Field Workers (1/2 page)

Section C: Joining World Outreach International (5 pages) – this mainly applies to Interns and long-term workers. It also highlights how we work in with your sending church, so will also be useful for  your church leaders.                   

The rest of this document is for those who wish to have more in-depth understanding of how World Outreach International operates. It will also be beneficial for you to read the documents on the right to understand our policies and processes. These do not need to be read at this stage of your application. You will be contacted after you make an initial enquiry and given information step by step as needed.


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