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An introduction to cultural anthropology that applies the insights of anthropology to the communication of the Gospel cross-culturally. The course focuses on cultural processes and cultural patterning. Particular attention is given to the processes of cultural change and their use in the transmission of the Christian message and the growth of Christian communities.


An overview of the importance of Mission Stuctures that uses World Outreach International as a case study, looking at the history, philosophy, practice, processes, vision and direction of the organisation.


Missionary life has unique pressures. If we have been prepared for these pressures, then they can strengthen us and our families and facilitate effective ministry. Students will be given tools to help them to handle these pressures and have a fulfilled first term on the field, and to see the possibilities of greater achievements in the future.


An overview of the development of the Christian movement, focusing on how the Church has grown and developed, and how Christians can use these insights in present mission and church work.


A study of the principles and processes of communication, including communicating from one culture to another. In particular, this topic will focus on the communication of the Gospel, with special attention being paid to the incarnation as God’s example of how to communicate cross-culturally.


An in-depth study of animistic worldview and the expression of this in the lives and rituals of the people. Particular emphasis will be given to Christian evangelism, discipleship and church development, in its confrontation with animistic practices and institutions – witchcraft, sorcery, shamanism, possession, priesthoods, ancestor beliefs, and prophetic movements, etc.


The main function of a missionary is to make disciples. In order to do this, the missionary has to be effective in communicating, which usually means learning a foreign language and culture. Students will understand why they need to learn a language, and how closely language and culture are related. Students will be given techniques for language learning and will develop the confidence to know they can learn a language!


This course is a sequel to the animism topic. Signs and Wonders Cross-Culturally provides tools to minister in situations where overt spirit-world beliefs, contact and overt operation are endemic. It teaches how to do this in such a way that it results in stable church growth, and brings maximum glory to God.


An overview of church planting principles to inspire, inform and equip cross-cultural workers to be effective church planters, so that chains of churches can be planted in a way suited to the targeted culture, using methods that the local believers can use to facilitate continued growth.


Most nations do not have only one prominent religion. World Religions gives an overview of the worldviews and philosophies held by the major world religions.


Reaching those who have not yet heard the Gospel cannot be done randomly. It is important to strategise so that the job can be completed as fast and effectively as possible. Missionary Strategy is designed to help us learn a process of effective strategisation, including learning from the successes and failures of others.


Students will develop an understanding of the social and organisational context in which leadership takes place, the role of a leader in an organisation and what designates Christian leadership. They will also explore theory, processes and practical outworking of Christian leadership development.


Understanding ourselves as individuals and as a part of a team are crucial in cross-cultural ministry. Insights, tools and strategies will prepare cross-cultural workers to handle the complex interpersonal relationships and resolve interpersonal conflict that arises when working together with people from different backgrounds.


How do you reach illiterate people with the Gospel? This subject is very practical and gives students the opportunity to practice in small groups how to present Biblical truths by telling Bible stories and asking questions.

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