Nations Course Testimonies



S.S. (an experienced missionary working in the Middle East; did the Nations Course after 5 years on the field)

You guys were so good with Nations … nothing gets close!!  When things happen here, I want to say: been there, they’ve taught us that …  You are magnificent!

Ps. Vic Lewis

The course itself has been phenomenal. I have been involved in missions for a long time and I have learned so much. The subject selection is spot on .. and what I have enjoyed the most is learning in a cross-cultural setting, mixing with other students who are of differenct cultures. We have learned so much from each other.

Paul Simons

The way the course was conducted, how the knowledge was transferred – for me as a kinesthetic learner it was very easy to stay in touch and switched on.

Angela Stevens

The material has been top notch, and I liked the variety of lecturers, I liked the different teaching styles, and I really loved the dramas. I really enjoyed networking with everyone … I actually enjoyed doing the course after I have been on the field, because I have some experiences to relate to.

JJ Janse van Rensburg

The whole concept of communication was opened up for me in the lectures and the readings. I realise that it will take far more than language learning to be a good communicator of the Gospel. The exciting part is that I can see the value of it and can’t wait to go and use all the knowledge that I gained in these lectures and readings.

Ps. Martha Mulenga

The first thing I thought was ‘why did I not learn these things before I went to the mission field’, because if I had learned these things I think the fruit of our ministry would have been greater.


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