All nations mobilisation


We believe that the Great Commission is for all generations and that it provides different pathways for ministry involvement. A number of effective training programmes have been developed to better prepare people for cross-cultural service.

We are committed to raise up and partner with a new multicultural generation of younger workers by equipping them to effectively take the Good News to other unreached near-neighbour communities, as well as to other regions of the world.

The idea of sending countries and receiving countries reflects a past era of mission. Today, vibrant churches exist on every continent and in nearly every country of the world – as do the world’s remaining least-reached peoples. World Outreach is mobilising the Church for missions in over 60 nations of the world – in Africa, Asia, Europe, the South Pacific and Latin America. We are dedicated to helping the Church in all parts of the world become meaningfully and strategically involved in reaching the final frontiers of Christian mission.

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