Benefits of serving with WOI



  • Application endorsement helps affirm the call of God on one’s life.
  • Provides pathways through pre-field guidance for short/medium/long-term ministry opportunities.
  • Helps applicants identify the right field/region where his or her ministry can be most effective.
  • Helps mobilise prayer partners for special and/or emergency needs.
  • Helps with guidelines in raising a personal and ministry budget.
  • Helps in obtaining visa in designated country.
  • Helps develop a strategic ministry plan with measurable annual goals.
  • Helps find ministry partners for field worker projects/programmes.
  • Helps publicise the ministry, mobilise prayer partners and generate finances via different literature publications, website and other means.
  • Helps supplement costs for attending WOI retreats/summits/consultations.
  • Provides effective and relevant pre-field or on-field cross-cultural training.
  • Provides field workers with other upskill opportunities and new ministry models.
  • Provides an annual visit by a WOI leader relating to agreed upon ministry plan.
  • Provides an annual visit by a designated member care provider.
  • Lends its WOI country office infrastructure to assist with processing monthly finances.
  • Relates closely with (home) sending church and advocates for mission partners when necessary.
  • Receive a 25% discount on school supplies from Sonlight Homeschooling curriculum.
  • Has an emergency fund and personnel available to assist in a crisis.


World Outreach International has various programmes designed to help prospective missionaries find their calling and navigate the challenging path from home to mission field. Once they are there, WOI works to help them flourish in their ministry. Whether you wish to join an existing ministry, start a new ministry, or become part of a pioneering team, WOI offers components to make up the ideal pathway for you. Read more here.