Values & Distinctives



We are a values driven organisation. Our personnel function with these distinctive core values as guiding principles. These values also guide WOI in personnel and partnership selection, and they allow our leaders to provide help, direction and where necessary, correction, in terms of decision-making and ministry operation.

Watch this video to see a pictorial illustration of our values and distinctives.

All personnel are expected to be familiar with these values that are based on the following core principles:


  • FAITH AND INITIATIVE:We believe that God has called us to serve Him responsibly with faith, vision, and initiative. We therefore value the specific callings and ministry vision that He has given to our personnel. Founder Len Jones proved that great things could be accomplished through faith and prayer.
  • TEAMWORK AND RELATIONSHIPS: We recognise that Christian ministry is always accomplished in relationship with others and that spiritual gifts are given to different members of the Body. We therefore value every effort to work together harmoniously and to maintain the unity of the Holy Spirit. We also value team ministry and working partnerships with other mission agencies and various expressions of Christ’s Body for God-honouring outcomes.
  • THE BODY OF CHRIST: Jesus Christ is building His Church from people out of every nation, tribe, people, and language. We therefore value the Body of Christ and seek to do all that we can to encourage, strengthen, equip and challenge believers from every nation to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission. We seek to intentionally foster transformational church planting movements among least-reached peoples.
  • LEADERSHIP AND ACCOUNTABILITY: We believe that God has made Jesus Christ the Head of all. He has also placed leaders in World Outreach International to model His lifestyle and to give oversight, supervision, and point of accountability to the ministry. We therefore value those whom God has called to leadership in our teams, fields, regions, and international oversight.
  • FLEXIBILITY AND INNOVATION: We recognise that biblical principles are inviolate, but in an ever-changing world ministry, methods must evolve in order to meet felt needs and cultural distinctives. We therefore value willingness to change methods and practices when necessary to accomplish God’s vision and purpose.
  • INTEGRITY AND STEWARDSHIP: We are deeply conscious that all we have and are has been given to us by God and that one day we will give an account to Him of the way that we have managed this trust. We therefore value the personnel and resources that He has entrusted to us. We believe that Jesus has called us to serve Him with honesty and sincerity always seeking to bring honour and glory to His Name. We therefore value an exemplary lifestyle and every effort to maintain integrity in word and deed.
  • SPIRITUALITY AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT:We believe it is crucial that every believer maintains a vibrant personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We therefore value the importance of prayer and fasting, studying the Word of God, and regular worship. We also value the gifts of the Holy Spirit functioning in our ministries and expect God to work miraculously on our behalf as we continually seek the anointing of the Holy Spirit.


  • LEAST-REACHED PEOPLES FOCUS:We focus on peoples within the main cultural and religious blocs who lack indigenous communities of believers able to effectively evangelise their own people groups.
  • HOLISTIC MINISTRIES: Practical care, evangelism, and church planting ministries combine for transformation of communities and people groups.
  • TRAINING: We train and equip pastors, leaders, and children’s workers among the least-reached. Our personnel receive training and coaching, particularly for cross-cultural mission.
  • FIELD-DRIVEN INITIATIVES: Vision, ministry initiatives, and strategies come primarily from the field in response to the specific needs of least-reached peoples.
  • MULTICULTURAL: We have personnel from many ethnic backgrounds at all levels of ministry involvement and leadership.
  • GLOBAL PARTNERSHIPS: Partnerships are initiated with local churches, other ministries and mission agencies to accomplish strategic outcomes.
  • PERSONNEL: We believe it takes more than enthusiasm to be a good missionary. Commitment is essential and so is character. And most important of all, we need the power of the Holy Spirit. Our missionaries are opening their hearts to all that God has for them, in ministry and in mission. Many are experienced Christian leaders who are acknowledged as trailblazers in cross-cultural ministry.
  • LEADERSHIP: World Outreach International is accountable to an independent board of Christian leaders for policies and procedures. A council of senior World Outreach International personnel is responsible for the management of the mission.
  • FINANCES:Sound stewardship is the hallmark of our ministry. We seek to be responsible in our management and highly cost effective in the promotion of our personnel and their ministry. We honour any stated designation. In the event that an appeal is oversubscribed or a ministry ceases to function, the funds will be redirected to the project or missionary that most closely approximates the intent of the donor.