What people are saying?


World Outreach International (WOI) is a non-profit organistation with one and one mission only… to reach the unreachable, the least-reached, the lost. Most of their “working fields” and to some, “their homes”, are places many of us would consider uninhabitable. They are found in tribal communities such as Borneo, or in mosquito-plagued areas like Mozambique, or up in the mountains of a small African country like Lesotho, as well as in many other nations.

The WOI missionaries whom I know personally have given up their youth, their parents, their countries, their relatives, their jobs, and many live away from their grown-up children … just so that they can help take the Gospel to more unreached people. They do it all for the Lord!

I personally have joined in one of their mission outreaches … to Lesotho. It was really something. The dedication, the love with which they were helping the “abandoned” people in this mountainous nation, left me floored. I was blessed just being among them. (We had to share one “toilet” –a long-drop—among 39 of us!)

Friends, most of us are blessed in a different way. I believe HIS blessings come our way so that we too may bless the lost, and help others take the Good News to the many who are still unreached. I encourage you to link arms with WOI and be part of God’s plan to reach unreached people in remote places with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” ~ Singaporean businessman


I’ve learnt more about preaching in one day at this seminar than I did after two years at Bible College. Pastor, North East India

This conference has been like no other conference we’ve ever had in Jordan. It was practical and life-giving. Ibraham, Jordan

I’ve been in ministry a long time, but I’ve never heard teaching and preaching like this before. It is wonderful. Pastor, Cairo, Egypt

A pastor in Lahore, Pakistan, reports how “…the anointing of God he received during the conference was carried back to his local church. On the following Sunday the Spirit of God fell upon his congregation and there was a fresh move of God with people in tears, speaking in tongues and singing praises to God.”


“Thank you for introducing me to Jesus in the lessons. Now I want to help for your work.” (Rasamee sent a letter to the Good News Team in Bangkok with 60 baht ($2.50)).

I used to wonder where our spirits go when we die. Because I see no houses in the sky I wasn’t sure if heaven was real. Thanks for your lessons. As I did them I began to understand and believe that when we die we go to be with Jesus. Keawta, Thailand

I am nine years old and in Grade 3 at Thai Ha School. I am writing this letter to send my grateful to you and thank the Lord so much. God use you to help me with my school fees so that I can go to school. Last term I got an award. I will try my best to study to get a high grade in my class. Giosue Ngo Anh Tin, Vietnam

From the 1st lesson I received till now I’ve felt uplifted and glad. I know I’m alive today because of God. I hope your lessons keep going. Sarutha, Thailand

Our house was burnt down. We had nowhere to live for a while. I lost my diploma for doing the first six lessons and the New Testament. I missed your letters too but I didn’t have your address and couldn’t send my last lesson. Now I just received your letter and you sent that lesson again. Thank you. I’m very happy to know that you still care about me. Prangwadee, Thailand


Thanks for your support and prayers for FahSai and for all of us during the floods. Your gifts helped us buy supplies and medicine to take to isolated villages. We took God’s love to many Buddhist areas.  Also I was blessed when we were able to go to a Muslim area. They were very responsive and we have an opening to visit them again. Kanchana Karaya, Thailand


We really appreciated your input into our lives and trust that as we continue to wait on God He will give us clear direction in the days ahead……., thank you for your ministry of care, you are greatly appreciated. ANON

We trust you have an excellent time visiting missionaries.  You are doing an amazing job and are such an encouragement. ‘B&R’

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me. It’s been a very fruitful time and I am indeed very encouraged.  Thank you for praying and thank you for being a huge blessing to the missionaries and the many that you have ministered to.  I pray God’s blessings upon you and your ministry. ‘D’


The course itself has been phenomenal. I have been involved in missions for a long time and I have learned so much. The subject selection is spot on .. and what I have enjoyed the most is learning in a cross-cultural setting, mixing with other students who are of differenct cultures. We have learned so much from each other. Vic

The way the course was conducted, how the knowledge was transferred – for me as a kinesthetic learner it was very easy to stay in touch and switched on. Peter

The material has been top notch, and I liked the variety of lecturers, I liked the different teaching styles, and I really loved the dramas. I really enjoyed networking with everyone … I actually enjoyed doing the course after I have been on the field, because I have some experiences to relate to. Angela

The whole concept of communication was opened up for me in the lectures and the readings. I realise that it will take far more than language learning to be a good communicator of the Gospel. The exciting part is that I can see the value of it and can’t wait to go and use all the knowledge that I gained in these lectures and readings. JJ Janse

The first thing I thought was ‘why did I not learn these things before I went to the mission field’, because if I had learned these things I think the fruit of our ministry would have been greater. Martha


This is the most exciting conference I have ever been to. Jason

As newcomers to WOI we felt the warmth and welcome of our new family. HK and Victoria

The conference was like an oasis for us. We feel so refreshed. Chaiyot and Gail

What an exciting moment this was in the mission’s history. Eliza

I was so encouraged to see so many young people attending. Joy

We left the conference with fresh faith for the harvest ahead. Jo and Jenny

This celebration showed me the value that WOI gives to those serving God. Doi

This conference was a defining moment in our lives and ministry. Chris

The field reports were like listening to the book of Acts being read out. Hwee Keng

Coming a long distance to such a conference was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Dilys

From the first meeting to the last, I just wept; not sorrowful, but joyful with the presence of the Lord ministering to me from day one. Christine

The celebration was a time of spiritual refreshing and hearing from the Lord.  All the messages touched our hearts. It was the first time for my wife, Sawsan, to attend a WOI gathering and she was so blessed to be part of the organisation.  It was great that all of us as one big international family came together to worship God and to enjoy great fellowship together. Nathan and Sawsan

The conference was truly life changing.  It was so great to feel spiritually recharged and recommissioned, ready to launch out into the deep. It was thrilling. We noticed breakthroughs in our Church and family as soon as we arrived back home. Praise God. Keith

The Celebration was amazing.  We were inspired and ministered to deeply. The worship times were heaven touching earth. Also, reconnecting and making new friendships was wonderful. A huge thank you to WOI and all who gave to make it possible. Chris & Nadine

From all the great spiritual input we received, I came away feeling even more determined to serve the Lord in missions. I feel fired up anew and closer to God with a deeper love for my Saviour, Jesus. Myriam

Thank you for this wonderful celebration. Not only do we feel restored and refreshed, but so do our four children. Our family returned home with great memories. The Yokoineles

As friends of several WOI missionaries we really appreciated the opportunity to attend the 80th anniversary celebration.  We were impressed by three things in particular; (a) the strong emphasis on supporting the individual’s calling and ministry;  (b) 80 year old WOI’s willingness to adapt and be flexible in a changing world; (c) an infectious sense of humour and joyfulness that prove that WOI is a family.  We were personally deeply blessed by participating in this celebration. Ernst

This celebration shaped my way of thinking, my vision and ministry. I was looking for a lot of answers which I received by the end. Everything was well organised and a blessing to us. Theuns

We came to the conference expecting to hear from the Lord – and we were not disappointed.  From day one we only experienced love, acceptance and encouragement.  We felt like every teaching session was talking to us and we were encouraged and strengthened.  We have returned different people: more sure of ourselves, more sure of our calling and that we are in God’s will.  We feel so light; the heaviness of the last couple of years has been taken away and we go back to Mozambique with new zeal and purpose. Eugene & Tina