Have you made a will?



We all desire to be good stewards of our possessions now. We can also be good stewards of our estate after we die. A will clearly states your intentions, what you want done with your wealth after you die. Failure to prepare a will means your wealth will be distributed according to the laws of the country, which may not follow your specific wishes. Part or all of your estate may go to people whom you never intended to benefit, or even to the government!

This legal document will ensure that your wishes are carried out in relation to any support you may wish to give to others outside your immediate family, including churches and charities such as World Outreach International. Including a gift to the ministry of World Outreach International in your will is a special and personal way to continue making a difference in the world after your life on earth has passed.


It is wise for every adult to have a will prepared. While no one likes to contemplate death, it is a reality that must be considered. If you are old enough to vote, you are old enough to have a will. (Note however that a will is automatically revoked by a subsequent marriage.)

People often want to make contributions from their estate. It is reassuring to know that a share of your estate can go to support missionary work after expenses and other distributions have been made. Be aware that a bequest or gift needs to be included in a will in order for this to happen.

You may wish to take inflation into account and state a percentage rather than a specified lump sum.


For some, the question of where to allocate funds can be confusing. The following steps are a guide to assist you in the process.

  1. A statement needs to be made regarding payment of just debts, funeral, monumental and testamentary expenses, and any duties payable in connection with the estate.
  2. Prepare for ongoing support for your spouse and children in the event that you pre-decease them.
  3. Then give though to further bequests to specific people, projects or charities.
  4. Consider where to allocate any remaining portion of the estate after all the expenses and specified bequests have been made.


Self help will kits are available from most newsagents or Post Offices, which you can complete by yourself. These are generally not recommended.

World Outreach International recommends that when you create a will, or make changes to an existing will, that you contact your Solicitor, legal advisor or the Public Trust Office (or its equivalent in your own country).

To nominate World Outreach International as a beneficiary of your estate, contact the World Outreach International country office nearest you.

NOTE: World Outreach International is a Non-Denominational Missions Agency and is not qualified to give legal or financial advice.