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With a long and fruitful history of pioneering ministries around the globe, World Outreach International is able to strategically partner with churches, businesses and individuals to reach ethnic communities who have never heard the Good News. Today tens of thousands of people around the globe have been transformed because someone dared to believe in and trust a God of the impossible – yet there is still so much to do.

Take up the Global Challenge and become a partner with World Outreach International, and together, let’s take the nations for Jesus and play our part in seeing new communities around the globe receive the Good News for the very first time.

World Outreach International (WOI) is a non-profit organistation with one and one mission only… to reach the unreachable, the least-reached, the lost.
Most of their “working fields” and to some, “their homes”, are places many of us would consider uninhabitable. They are found in tribal communities such as Borneo, or in mosquito-plagued areas like Mozambique, or up in the mountains of a small African country like Lesotho, as well as in many other nations.
The WOI missionaries whom I know personally have given up their youth, their parents, their countries, their relatives, their jobs, and many live away from their grown-up children … just so that they can help take the Gospel to more unreached people. They do it all for the Lord!
I personally have joined in one of their mission outreaches … to Lesotho. It was really something. The dedication, the love with which they were helping the “abandoned” people in this mountainous nation, left me floored. I was blessed just being among them. (We had to share one “toilet” –a long-drop—among 39 of us!)
Friends, most of us are blessed in a different way. I believe HIS blessings come our way so that we too may bless the lost, and help others take the Good News to the many who are still unreached. I encourage you to link arms with WOI and be part of God’s plan to reach unreached people in remote places with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” ~ Singaporean businessman

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