His Living Word In His Divine Appointment


His Living Word In His Divine Appointment

We were in Nairobi recently, and as we traveled there, I took an Arabic New Testament with me. I asked the Lord to show me who it was for during our week in Nairobi.

But the whole week passed without me meeting any Arabic-speaking people in need of a Bible.

The last morning we went to the airport and were in a huge group of people trying to weigh in our luggage. I landed behind a Muslim mom with three boys. I started to speak in Arabic with her and asked where she was from. She said she was from the war-torn city where we had previously lived. We were both so happy to talk about the country and discover many connections.

As my husband came back from wrapping our bag, I felt the Lord say: “It is for her.” I said: “But Lord, this is a public place, you should please prepare her heart and help me with the right words.” So I took it out from my backpack and said to her: “I still read my Arabic Bible, and I would like to give it to you. Do you want it?” To which she answered: “Yes please.”

So I gave it to her and had to keep myself from singing out loud, because it was the Lord’s divine appointment to be able to send her back with His LIVING WORD!

So, when the time came to say goodbye, we greeted each other the traditional way. When she kissed me on the one side, she whispered: “Thank you for my Bible”

Please pray for this mum and her sons, who still travel back and forth to this war-torn country. His word will not return void!

-From anonymous WOI colleagues ministering in the Middle East.

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