Cambodian Sunday School Curriculum



Grow up with Jesus colour curriculum that features:

  • Eight years of age-appropriate Bible based lessons for 4 – 12 years old in three age brackets
  • Culturally appropriate – developed and revised in Asia over 25 years where it is widely used
  • Age related colour visual aids for every lesson using various methods (flashcards, flannel pictures, stick puppets, story board, folding pictures, murals, etc.
  • Biblical basis for virtually all lessons covering a wide range of Bible stories without frequent repeats of well known stories
  • Cost effective – one set can reach 50 or more children and a whole year’s lesson for one church, hostel or outreach will cost only USS$13 to produce


We want to make this material readily accessible to hundreds of churches and children’s ministries and initiate training programmes for teachers.

Over the next three years, 1000 copies of all six primary age teacher’s manuals (156 lessons) will be printed. The first two books are being translated now.

After five years our goal is to see 20,000 children being discipled.


Officially the church in Cambodia is considered to be only 16 years old since it’s rebirth from virtual annihilation by the Khmer Rouge regime. It is growing rapidly numbering about 4000 congregations and 100,000 people. Half of the 15 million people in Cambodia are under 18 so the Great Commission can only be fulfilled if resources are allocated to kids ministry! There is no systematic co-ordinated age based children’s ministry curriculum available to all churches, hostels and schools in the Khmer language which has colour visual aids.


The teachers who trialed the material reported back very enthusiastically with comments like these:

  • ”The lessons are so attractive to children They are quiet and listen carefully, expressing their feelings with the story. They are amazed with each visual aid and we can really bring joy, happiness, and knowledge through these lessons.”
  • “My class was disorderly before but now even my 2 year old wants to listen to the Bible story.”
  • “I have learnt a lot of good things myself from these lessons.”
  • “Please publish these materials soon!”

When seeing the curriculum, the Director of the Cambodia Evangelical Fellowship’s immediate response was: “This is what we need. The future of the church depends on strong foundations for the next generation. Now is the right time for this material – about 2/3 of our churches don’t have any children’s ministry.”

Please join us in this faith venture to transform a generation for God in Cambodia.

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