Foster Home – Vietnam



Like many countries with a struggling economy, there are many children in Vietnam who are homeless, parentless and who lack sufficient care and education. Christian families have set up foster homes for the care of these needy children. The children, who are from seriously impoverished situations, then have a good home (as opposed to an institution), a nurturing environment and are given education, clothes, and food as any other member of the family.


Our Goal is to foster 100 children. Currently we support 35.


By offering a nurturing foster home to children, we aim to give these children a normal life – one that is well provided for, educated and most importantly, loved.


How will it help?

Children who are either orphaned, or who come out of seriously destitute situations caused by the loss of a parent, get a chance to be provided with the basic life necessities of food, education and to live in a loving home environment. The long term goal is for them to have responsible lives contributing to Vietnamese society.


One of South East Asia’s most rapidly growing nations, Vietnam, is struggling with social and economic stresses as this communist country develops into a manufacturing and tourism destination. Many poor families are finding they are not able to handle the rapid change.

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