Shalom Children’s Centre – Burkina Faso



Joseph and Aimee Dayamba pioneered the development of a child centre in an answer to the Burkina Faso communities’ need for value based teaching for their children. Joseph and Aimee run multiple kids clubs, camps and outreaches where kids are invited to have fun, play games and learn from the World Outreach International team.

Joseph and Aimee focus not only on the caring of the children, but also on the development of children’s ministry skills in their workers. They seek to empower locals to raise their children in Christian values, that will in turn create a brighter future for the burdened nation.

The impact that this ministry has seen in the lives of many children is phenomenal! In December of 2006, over 6,500 children were touched by the love and compassion of God through Joseph and Aimee, and the message of hope that they brought. In their three years of operation, they have seen 76 children’s workers directly empowered to bring the same message of hope to their home villages. Today, the project reaches more than 10,000 children in Burkina Faso.


Burkina Faso is a small landlocked West-African country just inland of the Ivory Coast that is prone to famine and drought. Because of the harshness of the land many people have migrated to neighbouring countries.

The education standards of the nation are very low with only 14% of the adult population being literate. With 71 different languages spoken throughout the region, and a multitude of different religions and cultures, Burkina Faso offers a mighty challenge for the World Outreach International teams.


The longer-term goal for this ministry is to have the Shalom Children’s Centre completely finished and sustainable by 2010. Goals that support this include:

  • The construction of the centre
  • The training of workers in the Dori area
  • Empower 50 pastors in the Dori region on the value of children’s ministry
  • Train compassion workers during two week training courses
  • Open a preschool for least-reached Muslim families
  • Build a sports centre

The plans for the future of this project are great, but the potential rewards are even greater. In a nation where hope is as needed as food and water, Joseph and Aimee can bring the world of difference to thousands of lives. The desperate need for financial support is obvious with the primary source for funds being World Outreach International donors.

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