Megavoice is the first solar powered, digital audio Bible and its aim is to reach the four billion people who are unable to read God’s life-giving Word for themselves.

Selected Old Testament stories in narrative form, the New Testament word by word, as well as chronological Bible lessons have been recorded in eMakua eNahara.

These recordings were then placed onto the Megavoice players so that illiterate people can listen to the Gospel.


The Mp3 Players proved to be a very effective tool to reach out to muslims under sometimes clandestine circumstances. The more we have the more we can sow the Word of God, a seed that bears its fruit at a certain time.


Ethnic group: Emakua eNahara
Population: approx. 100,000
Religious stats: Muslim, except for 100 believers
Employment: Very little formal employment, maximum 5%
Health issues: Malaria, cholera, and water borne diseases
Average Income: less than US$2 per day
Literacy: approx10%


We employed a muslim as a night guard. At times we would watch him hold the muslim night prayers or meditate over portions of the quran. When we gave him a Mp3 player with God’s Word in his own language, we would hear at night the distant whispers of the machine as he was listening to it. After a few months he decided to follow the Lord and was washed (baptised) in the sea.

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