Maziotela Ministries




Maziotela’s vision is threefold:

1. Community Development
– This involves redevelopment of the cashew farm, providing job creation and works skills training.

2. Village Mercy and Education
– Training and resourcing of Mozambiquan teams to care for under nourished babies and mothers, during yearly hunger season.

– Training of Christian teams from village churches to pioneer local Preschools.

3. Church planting / leadership development
– Maziotela Ministries provides monthly intensive Leadership training schools , along with on-going mentoring for village church leaders.

– Specialized Seminars for growth and development of village churches.


The feeding program resulting from failed maize crops in 2008. Many families live off Mandioka (cassava) which has limited nutritional value. There are serious food shortages – resulting in malnutrition and orphaned children.

Feeding projects provide families with: 

  • Maize flour, mixed with ground beans for porridge
  • Milk powder or
  • Sesame seeds, or
  • Lactogen for orphans under six months
  • Seeds for replanting


Household background: Families tend to be of 8 or more children. Hunger sickness and disease will claim many lives before the age of five.
Major infectious disease: Bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, hepatitis A, typhoid fever, malaria and plague.
Adult Literacy: 47.8%
Poverty: 70% live below poverty line
Life Expectancy: 42 years
HIV & AIDS: 1.3 million
Local hospital: 1 doctor for 400,000 people
Infant mortality:20%
Unemployment: 90%+
Income: US$2 per day

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