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Pastors and leaders in Indonesia and the Middle East are placed on a mailing list to receive our free magazine, Life in Christ. Three times a year they receive this magazine, which is tailored to address issues that all pastors and leaders face.

These are some testimonies from our subscribers in South East Asia:

“Thank you very much for Hidup dalam Kristus which has been a faithful channel of blessing from God to strengthen and encourage me to serve the Lord, even though I have never studied at Bible School. Through Hidup dalam Kristus, God has taught me how to serve Him.  I have been planting churches for 13 years and minister in a remote area. The Lord has entrusted me with six new churches and I really need your prayer support and magazines.”

life-in-christ-indonesian-covers“…it gives me strength and help for the growth of our ministry in the village.”

“I am really blessed with Hidup dalam Kristus, which equips me who minister in the hinterland.”

Currently we produce copies in:

  • Bahasa Indonesian
  • Arabic

Some topics addressed in Life in Christ include:

  • Prayer
  • Personal devotional life
  • How to prepare sermons
  • The prophetic
  • Counselling

In most places, Life in Christ is the only material pastors and leaders have, other than their Bibles, to help strengthen their walk with God and provide practical teaching and preaching resources for their ministry.

Make a donation and invest in the development of leaders through the Life in Christ magazine!



RWF_22_PRINT_cover_webWe also publish Running with Fire magazine – a ministry of Tak Bhana. Tak is the senior pastor of Church Unlimited in Auckland, New Zealand. The magazine is full of rich leadership content by various writers and is made available to our English-speaking leaders and pastors. For more information on Running with Fire visit the website here.