Claris and Shirley van der Merwe

Claris & Shirley Van Der Merwe



Francistown, Botswana


  • Riverside Church: Claris is the lead elder/pastor.
  • NCMIB: A new small denomination that developed out of Riverside Church. Claris serves on the trans local leadership team.
  • ILI (International Leadership Institute): Presenting 3-day leadership seminars focusing on 8 core values: Intimacy with God, Passion for the Harvest, Visionary Leadership, Evangelism, Multiplication of Leaders, Family Priority, Stewardship and Integrity.
  • Simply Mobilizing: Mobilizing the Body of Christ in Botswana for the fulfilling of the Great Commission.
  • Francistown SBCI: Bible School training for leaders from different churches.
  • Refugee and asylum seeker ministry: Meeting weekly with men from countries such as DRC, Burundi, Zimbabwe and Somalia.


Claris & Shirley served with SAAWE (South African Action for World Evangelization) in Kempton Park for 7 years. In 2000 they relocated to Francistown to lead Riverside Church in partnership with New Covenant Ministries International. They have a married daughter in Francistown and an adult son and daughter in South Africa.

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