Myriam Wahr





Myriam is a trained pediatric nurse and has worked in Monapo under Maziotela Ministries (started by the Ayling family who also work with WOI) since March 2004. Specialist areas include preventive medicine, first aid and a project aimed at feeding the homeless, especially children. Myriam began using natural medicine in Maziotela in August of 2004. She is training local paramedics using teaching material from Anamed (Action Natural Medicine).

The three Mozambicans receive their training from Myriam. The literature and teaching material is supplied by Anamed. These paramedics work on a voluntary basis in groups of 3 to 10 people. To avoid corruption and promote a high quality of treatment, they work in shifts.

In August 2007 the paramedics who were trained between 2004 and 2006 and who are already employed, received goats. They breed the goats to stem the extreme poverty so that they can produce an income for their own needs.

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