What on earth is missions?


WHAT-ON-EARTH-IS-MISSIONS‘What On Earth Is Missions?’ is an interactive, discussion-based, easy-to-follow, 3-part DVD series designed for local church small groups. The goal of this series is to help Christian people understand the nature and challenge of missions through discussion and reflection.

In each DVD the presenter speaks for a few minutes before the DVD is paused for discussion. Leader’s Guides are available for download from the World Outreach website. They provide questions and ideas for discussion. Also available are Participant’s Guides for each member of the group so their thoughts can be recorded.

Each session can be as short or long as the leader and group desire. It is very flexible and designed to be practical.

Once the DVD’s have been purchased and the guides are downloaded, the series is ready to go.

>>Download a PDF file of the Leader’s Guide
>>Download a PDF file of the Participant’s Guide

Order your copy of the DVD series for US$15 each (postage included).

What on Earth is Missions? from World Outreach International on Vimeo.

What on Earth is Missions? is presented by WOI leadership development director Bruce Hills. Bruce has been in Christian ministry since 1984 and brings a wealth of experience and wisdom. He is known and respected around Australia for his prophetic and insightful preaching. One well-known Christian leader in Asia described him as having the “precision of a teacher, but the fire of a prophet”. For nine years (2000 – 2009), Bruce pastored one of Australia’s largest churches. He currently serves as the International Leadership Development Director for World Outreach International. Bruce is married to Fiona and has three grown children. They are based in Melbourne, Australia.